Lavender Patch with Kousa Dogwood
What is it about foundation beds?
After a fresh mow.
Eugenia Topiary underplanted with Begonias
Darling Lily, seen here at her first Spring.
My very first peonies.
Climbing Roses on Picket Fence
When the pool was put in..
One of the nicer views from our deck.
Purple Iris
Roses on a Hillside stone wall
Statuaries and Birdbaths
Crabapple Tree
My attempt several years ago at a raised veggie bed.
Climbing Hydrangeas
Douglas Fir Raised Beds
This fence was only for show.
My small veggie garden
The girls
A view of the girls' new home.
Garden Design
Spring in the Secret Garden
These tired hips..
I meet my clients..
Meyeri Lilac on a Standard.
Georgian Colonial
Another view
In all of its Summer Glory
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