Dreaming of 2017

As the holidays pass by, really, namely Christmakuh, (my husband is Jewish) my mind starts to wander and dream of flowers and getting my hands back in the dirt.  During the hottest, and slowest month of my season (August). I had someone look after my pop-up shop at Maximus, (watering, fertilizing, deadheading, buying), we went to Europe to visit our framlies (friends that have turned into families). The landscape in Europe is just drop.dead.gorgeous.

Something about their green, is so so green. We visited Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia over the course of a month. When we were in the Dolomites, this striking mansion/estate turned hotel commanded a visit from us. Their window boxes are full of red geraniums. Something you see a lot and is very common from house to house. 

Although Geraniums are also Annuals as well in Italy. They bring them indoors to overwinter and to replant, so they are hugeeee every season when they are replanted.