Laying on the KBG sodded lawn in her front yard on a Sunday with baby Lily's arm making its debut camo. 

MAster Gardener 

NYC Fashion PR extraordinaire turned plant lady, started with humble beginnings in a bamboo-thatched roof her father built in the lush countryside outside of Saigon, Vietnam. Sarner was born as by-product of the Vietnam War. 2 Generations, 3 countries, she traveled from Vietnam to Philippines to America, and here, she's found her calling. She loves plants, weeds, and "pleeds". Most gardeners can't seem to rid of beloved weeds that show pretty foliage or blooms in their garden, albeit invasive. MyLan caters to those who love plants and have a passion for keeping things alive, blooming and beautiful. 

Married to the love of her life, she resides in Essex with her husband Peter (same person!), 2 dogs, 12 chickens, and a darling 27 month old toddler girl. By day, she is a Certified Master Gardener from University of Connecticut, Middlesex Extension.  By night, she is reading bedtime stories and singing to Lily. She is currently working on her Advanced Master Gardener certification and pursuing a Masters of Forestry from Yale University. In January of 2017, she will be pursuing her Landscape Design certification at the New York Botanical Garden. Most late nights, she can be found sitting in a well lit corner reading horticulture books and plotting her next garden scheme. 

Residing in a quintessential New England town, Essex is a boat lover's paradise and a landscaper's dream. In front of all the prim and proper historical homes that have been superbly well preserved, you will find an immaculate front lawn which tucks away many secret gardens, this is your welcome to Essex. MyLan also volunteers her time year round with 70+ active members in her community of beautiful Essex, CT for Essex Garden Club. Essex Garden Club, is a not for profit organization and is part of the Federated Garden Club of America.